What is BFA (Brain Function Assessment)?

 In Medhamind

Before we start BFT (Brain Function Training), we do 3 tests. The first is to assess the current the health of the brain and find out how close it is to age-related normal brain. Knowing this is critical. What do we mean by “Normal Brain” of a person who is the brain of an individual behaving absolutely normally for his/her age (socially acceptable). Observed abnormality today has been accepted to have a brain-based foundation including criminal behaviour.

There are FDA registered data-bases available for comparing an abnormal brain to a normal one. It helps us understand plausible root causes for the abnormality. Thereafter we can use BFT (Brain Function Training) to re-engineer the brain through operant conditioning.

The database starts from 2 months of age to 82 years. It is a FDA registered.. Using a QEEG –(Quantitative Electro Encephalogram), we can find out deeper areas and brain networks that are malfunctioning compared to a normal brain. Today almost all issues that are observed, have been accepted to have a origin in the brain & its networks.

Symptoms that are being exhibited – Autism, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disorders, Depression, Insomnia, Seizures, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, sexual issues, eating related issues, bipolar disorder, Panic/anxiety before an exam or an important event, have a brain basis. There is a deep-rooted cause in the brain and by diagnosing and re-training the brain &it’s the networks, we treat the cause rather than symptoms. The effects are often dramatic. Issues festering in the brain for years in the brain can be set to normal in just 10 days. We have done this for 30 years at Medha. It is almost astonishing as to what you can accomplish by an assessment based on biomarkers, not mere symptoms.

The second part of BFA (Brain Function Assessment), assesses the ANS- (Autonomic Nervous System). We are measuring the part of nervous system that controls digestion, absorption, adrenaline secretion etc. which are very important for the body to function normally.

The third part is the Basic Biological assessment that is looking if the body functioning is abnormal. Unless we assess the basic body functions, we cannot regularize its functioning.

BFA, thus, consists of 3 assessments,
i. QEEG – assesses the brain or the CNS (the Central Nervous System)
ii. ANS – assess for The Autonomic Nervous System
iii. The basic biological assessment – assesses basic bodily functions

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