Why should we try brain function training for people with special needs – both children& adults?

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Almost all diagnosis today is based on Behavioural Symptoms. Using Behavioural Symptoms the American Psychiatric Association, came up with a manual called “DSM” (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual). Contemporary medicine prescribes medication and therapies based on this manual. Unfortunately each brain is different even the symptoms observed are the same. I have done more than 2000 Brain Maps or QEEGs for the same symptoms – say Autism. The plausible causes for the observed symptoms vary. If we had used the same protocol in BFT (Brain Function Training) for the same symptom, the training would not have abated the observed symptoms.

DSM-5 does not recognize this simple fact. Medication or therapies are prescribed by practitioners without quantitatively evaluating the underlying causes. We have at least 50 cases of children with symptoms of Autism who cannot hear properly (with respect to processing in the primary &/or secondary auditory cortex). Almost everyone is prescribed “Speech therapy.” After 3 to 6 months, the parents find no change in the symptoms. When they come to us, we find and tell them what has happened and why no changes were observed. This leads to a lot of frustration and anger.

Moreover, DSM-5 being symptom-based, almost always it does not address the underlying causes. We have had parents come in and tell us that they had brought in the child because he could not be toilet trained, but after 3 months of BFT, other things including the symptom they came in with, have abated. We often observe only what affects the most and tend to ignore other issues until it affects us. By addressing causes rather than symptoms. BFT often addresses symptoms even before they get high-lighted.

BFA (Brain Function Assessment) and BFT (Brain Function Training) are bio-marker based. They address plausible causes and hence a huge set of behaviours change and change permanently, as long as the BFT is used to reinforce these set of behaviours. BFT(Brain Function Training) is a scientifically proven methodology that facilitates growth of grey and white matter in the brain. It has a proven history of more than 60 years with publications in peer-reviewed medical journals all over the world.

Right from sending man to the moon, to help the brain recover normal function. It is based on giving feedback faster than 1/100 of a second. The faster the feedback, faster is the learning in the brain. It has been proven, more than 60 years ago, that an issue as serious as seizures in the brain can be helped without any unnecessary medication, using BFT (Brain Function Training) or Neurofeedback.

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