Brain re-engineering

Brain re-engineering is a scientific proven methodology which helps the individual to nurture infinite capability of brain network to fulfill both one’s day to day responsibilities & challenges that one is to compelled to solve in everyday life and occasionally.

Four Conditions under which the program will be a guaranteed success

  • You should want to improve intrinsically
  • You should stay focused on your intension and aspiration
  • You should consciously regulate moods, by dissuading dysfunctional ones & encouraging positive mental states.
  • You should consistently practice what is recommended for you by the chief mentor until your aspiration is achieved

Different aspects of the Brain re-engineering

The Brain Re-engineering program has four aspects

  • Performance Enhancement – Strives to handle the issues caused by low Opioid Level’ in the brain
  • Optimal Performance – Endeavours to enhance Clarity & Objectivity by Annihilating Stress
  • Peak Performance – Energizes the brain for Innovation by helping the organization/individual resolve issues from first principles
  • Performance Excellence – Helps organizations/individuals staying ahead of the emerging marketplace.

Brain re-engineering is based on Training, not Treatment

Treatment pre-supposes a certain level of passivity. The participant has to make an effort to take medication as prescribed, show-up for therapy or treatment, etc. The rest of the recovery process is handled by the doctor, therapist and provider. In the process of “Training,” the participant has to identify both productive and dysfunctional mental states, reinforce the positive while gradually extinguishing/obliterating dysfunctional states, by discouraging them. This “active” process continues until the productive state has become second nature to the participant. The mentor or the trainer acts as powerful catalyst.

Scope of Performance Enhancement program:

This primary aspect of the program helps the organization through the individual to comprehend and be a flag bearer for the dictum that “Motivation Stress is not an external factor but an internal one.” The participant stops blaming the external factor/s for his internal stress. It helps the individual identify what has to be done (in consultation with the mentor) to overcome the negative aspects of one’s “Reward Mechanism” that leads one towards Stress and its harmful consequences.

Quantification of the Human Capability:

The program starts with a QEEG of both Eyes Open and Eyes Closed (optional) conditions. The QEEG of the Eyes Open condition helps in the assessment of present performance capability and what needs to be done to enhance it. The QEEG of the Eyes Closed (optional) condition help in assessing probable pitfalls in the near and distant future and steps can be taken to cost effectively to get one out of their emerging issues. Mr. N. S. Srinivasan will sit individually with each participant for 45 minutes to interpret and decide on actions to be taken for every participant to achieve the program objective. Data collection, data analysis & BFT (Brain Function Training) is done non-invasively, using FDA approved hardware and software.

Experiential Learning

The whole 3-day program is designed at focusing on the issue of overcoming the negative effects of the Reward Mechanism by “Tackling the core issue – Low Opioid Levels” in the brain.

Cutting edge hardware and software is used to support the theoretical sessions with experiential training sessions that help identify and reinforce productive mental states.

Medha Retreat

Medha’s Retreat is situated on the 15th floor overlooking the Bay of Bengal of Oceanique, a luxury apartment complex. The sheer ambience it lends to this aspect of the program has to be experienced to be believed. It helps the individual to progress from the pleasure/pain associated with the Emotional Brain Network towards Awareness/Austerity associated with the Default Mode Network (DMN) of the brain

8.00AM To 5.00 PM

Medha Retreat

Once A Month

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How We Train?

The brain produces electrical potential. Though the voltage is often 1/millionth of a volt, this can be recorded, measured and compared using sophisticated equipment.

This is called Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) and is the measurement of electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp that reflect cortical activity, commonly referred to as “brainwaves” and is also termed as “Brain Mapping”. This multi-channel digital data is statistically analyzed, comparing values with “normative” database. The processed EEG is converted into color topometric maps as well as various tables. This data is used for doing Brain Function Assessment (BFA), which, in turn, is used in Brain Function Training (BFT).

Other than QEEG we also have a quantitative test for the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) and a Bio-Chemical Assessment (a complete test of 11 test) to understand how all the 10 systems are working individually and collectively forms the basis of BFA (Brain Function Assessment)

Based on the BFA (Brain Function Assessment), brain function training plans are custom-designed as per individual needs and requirements. BFT addresses particular issues that need to be paid attention to, Medha uses a non-invasive brain technique that normalizes brain function. “Normalizing” brain function enables the self-regulatory capability of the brain to adapt to different situations and circumstances by what, in general, is taken as an acceptable behavior in society.

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