How important is the role “food” in a person with special needs?

 In Medhamind

According to the experts in nutrition, the US Dietary Guidelines in the 1960s’ and 70s’ advised people to switch from the traditional “Paleo diet” to a diet filled with refined Carbohydrates & sugar and avoid saturated fats. The food industry used the dietary guidelines and marketed breakfast cereals & other products, which had refined carbs, high amounts of sugar, fructose corn syrup, etc. This has led to obesity, pre-diabetes in children & inflammation of brain and body.

In India we have believed in a diet and used it very successfully for more than 4000 years. We used organic methods in farming, grass-fed cattle and other livestock. The cattle and other livestock roamed free and were not under undue stress of restricted diets and space. The quality of milk, eggs and meat were rich in natural Omega-3. We had used butter, ghee, coconut oil & a host of other fats which were rich in naturally occurring anti-oxidants.

Cattle and other livestock were feed grain. As space became a constraint, Stress in farm animals led to more diseases and were given more and more antibiotics Suddenly a farming started using more pesticides & herbicides to increase yield. An exponential increase flowed down to the ultimate consumer – Human Beings. We all know that Special Needs people are more sensitive and when given this contaminated food, the conditions only got worse. With pregnant mothers also getting the same food as Special Needs people the birth of infants with defects and special needs has grown exponentially. Imagine what the economy is going to be when we have normal people becoming less effective as their brains are not functioning optimally when they also have to support a population of Special Needs people whose numbers and needs are increasing?

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