Assessment Charges Payment Includes
Initial Consultation (QEEG report supplied by Applied Neuroscience, Florida, USA at Rs.7500/- for eyes open) QEEG Rs. 45,000/-   (inclusive of eyes open QEEG report) Full payment for all Assessment and  Consultation in advance Initial consultation to assess the child based on previous reports and history available and on parents views, along with QEEG Assessment.
Autonomic Nervous System
Fundamental Bio-Chemical Assessment

  • Adrenal Balance
  • Bowel Ecology Balance
  • DigestiveEnzyme Balance,
  • Electrolyte Polarity Dynamics
  • Toxic Burden-Heavy Metal & Chemical Stress
  • Nitric Oxide Balance,
  • Oxidation Stress
  • pH Balance
  • Sugar Utilization
  • Vitamin C Balance
  • Mineral Balance
Location Charges Payment Includes
7-Day Foundation Programe Chennai Rs.99,500 Rs.33,167/- Advance at the time of booking the slot. 1. 14 training sessions
2. 1 mid-course QEEGs and consultation
3. End of program QEEG and consultation
4. 1 Post Intensive program for QEEG
5. Pre-Post comparison
Rs.66,333/- Before start of intensive program
 Cost of using cutting-edge equipment ( Software & Hardware)
Shared Training equipment (Software & Hardware) Rs.13,50,000/- w.e.f 1.1.2015 Consult Chief Mentor, Medha Mind Equipment would be in a shared mode. Any equipment being bought for individual use or for the first time in a location would be 3 times the base cost.
Adjustment of Cost towards usage of cutting-edge equipment.
  1. There is a lock in period of 2 years for equipment deposit.
  2. Depreciation on equipment would be charged at 40%
  3. Any balance after depreciation which was not utilized for training will be returned at the end of lock in period.
  4. Any unusual wear and tear or damage would be charged for.
  5. Normal upgrade of software would be managed by Medha Mind. However, any abnormal expense on the need to change equipment would be charged for.
Cancellation & Refund towards 7-Day Foundation Programe
Change of dates 10% of charges Would be charged for every change of date Date changes have to be made 1 month in advance and subject to slot availability
Cancellation of 7-Day Foundation – 1 month before programe 10% of charges Repayment would be made through cheque Only where cancellation is done 1 month before the due date of start of program
Cancellation of 7-Day Foundation – Less than month before programe No refund of advance would be made

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