How important is the “Gut” in the proper functioning of the brain?

 In Medhamind

The gut is extremely important for the normal functioning of the brain. Proper gut functioning leads to proper production of neurotransmitters, proper production of chemicals that help us with immunity. If neurotransmitters are insufficiently produced by the gut, a child who has to go to even a kindergarten school, does not have enough of them to pay attention. If he/she is unable to pay attention because due to insufficient amount of neurotransmitters, he/she becomes an object of criticism among his/her peers. If malfunctioning of the gut is not diagnosed, the special needs person losses interest in Learning and his/her whole future is in jeopardy.

If the gut is infected with bacteria or parasites leading to a “Leaky gut,” it is possible that the leak from the gut, gets absorbed by the blood and is sent to the brain. The brain cannot metabolize this substance, therefore begins to malfunction. It leads to inflammation in the brain. Sooner rather than later, this malfunction can lead to developmental delays that affect a special needs person’s life prospects.

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