What is the use of BFA (Brain Function Assessment)?

 In Medhamind

BFA – Brain Function Assessment unlike other assessments, merely does not tell you what is not functioning. Compared to most psychological tests, its predictive capability is awesome & potent. It always provides us with a window into how we can normalize brain functioning through operant conditioning. We have observed that Medha can correct a condition suffered for 6 years in a few days. Since other therapies use symptom-based assessment, take years to bring about change, if at all any. This is advantage of directly training the brain or its networks though BFT.

The QEEG, which is the first part of BFA, is a biomarker-based assessment where it specifically helps us comprehend the possible brain areas or networks that can be re-engineered in the brain to normalize a specific disorder.
The ANS assessment helps in understanding if the involuntary systems like digestion, absorption, cardiovascular system, etc. are working in an integrated manner. It helps the individual meet his/her day-to-day challenges and occasional emergencies.

The Basic Biology Assessment helps us understand if the basic body is functioning normally – whether the body is digesting the food that is taken, if there are parasites in the gut, inflammation in the gut and body. Performing the basic biological assessment helps us correct issues like digestion, the cardiovascular system, absorption, etc. BFA (Brain Function Assessment) is not merely telling you what is wrong, it is predicting what can be done to correct the situation.

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