What are functional disorders?

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Functional Disorder is first and foremost a medical condition. It impairs the normal functioning of the person like depression or the bodily functions like lack of production of adrenaline due to mental fatigue caused by too much stress. For example, normal functioning of the individual could be impaired due to a mild brain injury sustained during the early part of life. This may go undetected as when one is examined or tested superficially as there are no microbes to detect, only very mild abnormally which could easily pass off as normal variances in behaviour.

We have come across whiplash injuries that people have when they fall or while driving. Teenagers take these in their stride & forget about it. As years go by these undetected insults reappear as a poor brain function that have metamorphosed into major brain function failures. This is where a BFA (Brain Function Assessment) helps in diagnosing the injury very early and providing a sustainable solution as it is not symptom driven but bio-marker based.

College students and executives often complain about not being able to remember facts in times of need. Some can’t pay attention or don’t have the patience to wait for results. Instead of being process-oriented, they are driven towards results and fail. Ultimately these people don’t succeed not because they lack inherent skill and/or competence, but they become too concerned about results. It is not lack of talent that led to failure, but lack of temperament caused by mild brain injury that was not diagnosed. Therefore, testing for mild brain injury or concussion by a bio-marker driven assessment, should be an annual feature of every educational institution.

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