What is Stress? Why are we all under so much Stress today?

 In Medhamind

Stress is an emotional state of continuous pressure or tension to achieve one’s ambitions and aspirations. For this the best way is to take on a way to excel in a field in which one is talented. From time immemorial, mankind has constantly strived to excel, but the current generation has been confused as to how to achieve excellence. As it has mistaken “Pleasure” with “Happiness,” therefore compromising the efforts needed to seek excellence. When one confuses “Pleasure for Happiness,” attention spans become very narrow, sustained effort to achieve excellence is almost impossible. Constant breaks and distractions compromise the brain’s natural ability to solve complex problems.
When one gets to state of mental tension, the resulting mental state is one of wanting to finish things in a “Hurry.” We are not learning to find faster, thus smarter methods to resolve a problem, but “hurrying” to resolve problems. This leads to errors, mistakes, blunders and sometime even disasters. Judgement and decision-making skills are compromised. We are constantly trying to resolve issues rather than have the depth of perception to find the root of the problems. We become creators trying to survive rather than live. The accompanying mental state is that of Chronic Stress. Unless we understand the difference between “Happiness” and “Pleasure,” and seek “Happiness,” this state of affairs is bound to continue unabated.

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