Why are the red areas coming back in the 4th QEEG?

 In Medhamind

There were at least two probable causes –
i. The family was staying at a resort in ECR and having food there. The food was not designed for a Special Needs child. Also, a lot of sugar intake was there which caused inflammation in both the gut and the brain.
ii. The plausible root-cause was a matter of 3 or more things that needed to be attended to. We were going one at a time because each probable cause involved many networks in the brain and could not practically be addressed at one go.
More importantly we put a routine in place that would help with bringing down hyperactivity and aggression and this way to be strictly followed by the parents. Without this the child’s hyperactivity, which is only a symptom, would not abate even if we addressed root cause/s as the various practices being followed were not allowing the brain to heal.

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