Why is the normal person so stressed out today? What happens to people with special needs in today’s stress-filled environment?

 In Medhamind

One of the main reasons that we have become victims of chronic stress is that we have confused “Happiness” with “Pleasure.” We are seeking to draw out every ounce of pleasure from almost every experience. This unending thirst for pleasure also has diminishing returns. So we care compelled from within to look for fresh avenues of pleasure all the time. The more we try for pleasure, the more miserable we become. Time and resources are used only to fulfil this need instead of being more distributed for “Learning.” Learning is not always from academic institutions. It could come from team-working with an group of people on a trip to the Himalayas.

The harder we try to live a one-dimensional life – seeking pleasure, we lose attention span, memory, processing and understanding, problem-solving skills, etc. Recently I happened to work with a couple of students who are studying to become doctors. They had got their seat through merit, but unfortunately lost their way in medical school. They seem to have forgotten why they were there in the first place. Their quest for pleasure has ended in near disaster. They have not cleared most of the papers though they have completed 5 years of medical school. The confusion is almost all-pervasive in society. It is not just students who have lost their way. This has happened to so-called professionals and our work-force. Adults and children are today chasing a mirage called pleasure incessantly. The culture in the society is to eke out as much fun as possible. If this is the case with normal people, imagine the mental state of the persons with special needs who are more or less compelled to seek immediate gratification.

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