Will 10-days of BFT suffice for the child? What is the follow-up if any is needed?

 In Medhamind

The 10-day Intensive was only the start. The severity of the symptoms came down significantly, but reinforcement is a must for the brain to normalize. There are no drugs used in BFT. It is completely non-invasive. All change is brought about by normalizing the brain by giving feedback to the brain in 1/100th of a second. This phenomenally quick feedback given to any brain corrects the brain without the need for pharmacological interventions. Where the pharmacological interventions are necessary, we work with the specialist advising the family, to get the best results.
In the follow-up four aspects must be addressed, if sustainable results must be achieved –
i. Regular exercise where there are proper measurements;
ii. The diet is designed to suit the Special Needs child;
iii. Continued training to reinforce the brain to either get to normal or maintain it;
iv. Follow a daily (7 days) discipline by which the emotional brain does not hijack the entire behaviour of the child.
All the four aspects are critical. If even one of them is not in place for a day or two, the regression can be significant. One binging of fast food and/or sweets during a celebration can destroy, months of hard work. Moderation is suggested, not complete abstinence from anything. BFT is trying to help the brain regain the ability to self-regulate itself. Therefore, having a discipline is a must.
Most parents, who came in, are astonished at the changes this disciplining can bring to the child. It gives a structure on which resources are allocated to the areas that need them for building the brain to normal levels. We, as a society, have how failed to self-regulate. Emotionality and mob-rage are what we see in the name of protests. We children, especially those with special needs observe this, they think that throwing tantrums is perfectly acceptable to get whatever they want and, in a time-frame determined by them. It is necessary for both care-givers and parents to also behave in a way that children following them can look up to them as examples. By walking the talk, parents and care-givers help the brain to normalize very quickly. Let’s not forget exercise, diet, BFT and appropriate behaviour are disciplines by choice. The more we choose our behaviour, the faster we attain our goals and aspirations as parents, young adults and children.

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