10 Day Intensives at your city/town if there are 4 people at a time | Introducing Intensive Program for Epilepsy, ADD/ADHD, Addiction, Depression and Schizophrenia

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N.S. Srinivasan, Founder of Medhamind
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N.S. Srinivasan with Dr. Barry Sterman
A Session Of Brain Function Training In Progress
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10 Day Intensives at Medha
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Medha Offers Medical Solutions For Children with Special Needs

First Step In The BFT Process


Srinivasan talking to the patient's mother about what BFT is and getting the Assessment Form filled.


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Video Testimonials

Mrs. Reena & Mr. Amit Singla from Ludhiana at Medha Mind, Chennai for the 10-day Intensive for their son Master Vaneet Singla


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Mr. Srinivasan’s Keynote Address, New Delhi


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Mr. N. S. Srinivasan
Founder & Chief Mentor
Medha Mind Enhancement Co. (P) Ltd.
Flat No.1B (1st Floor, opp. to the lift and stairs),
No.4/31 Archana Enclave, North Crescent Road, T. Nagar,
Chennai – 600017
(Landmark: Behind Jain Temple on G. N. Chetty Road)

Landline Nos : (+91 44) 4269 1940 / 6519 1948 / 2815 0563
Mob. Nos: (+91) 95001 27681 / 98409 00450


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Hyderabad Center Of Medhamind Is Now Open

Medha Mind’s Brain Function Training (BFT) is a technology based specialized training process for enhancing the functionality of the brain. Used extensively in the training of the brain to solve Neuro related issues like Autism, ADD / ADHD, Epilepsy / Seizures, Speech / Learning Disabilities to mild Brain Injury, the technology is used today for […]

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